More Shows Next Year... 













That was the last show of year barring any surprises. 'Twas a beauty. Hope to see you guys in a room somewhere next year. 

Time to take a breather and enjoy some time with family and friends. 

Stay tuned with me though. We've got some things you've been asking for coming up very soon and more shows next year, solo and with The Northern Wires. And yeah, next year there's gonna be some surprises too!

Be good to each other. 

(Pic by Louise Viloria)

Join Us For The World Premier Of Our "Maybe I'll Disappear" Video... 

We wanted to invite you guys to take a quiet moment and join us for the World Premiere of our surreal and moody video for "Maybe I'll Disappear." 

Please read about what inspired it and watch it right HERE (or click the image below!): 


A giant thank you to American Songwriter for having us. And of course, warm gratitude to Marco and Masha for creating such a beautiful cinema for the song. 

Please share if you're inclined!





Working on Something Beautiful... 

We're working on something beautiful for "Maybe I'll Disappear" with Marco North. Really excited about the beauty and texture we'll be offering to the song, to give it the cinema, tone and context it deserves. I always wanted to focus on this song as the weather got cooler. So here we go... I'm thrilled with what I'm seeing so far.  

The story for "Hustle Up Starlings" continues to surprise and excite us. Thank you, guys. All of you.  

Below is the single cover art design, it was executed by my great friend Joe Maiocco. The picture was taken by yours truly. We plan on launching "Maybe I'll Disappear" on November 8th. Hoping we can stay on schedule. Art is patient, so we gotta be too.  

I'll keep ya posted. More details soon.

Proud to announce my new Booking Agent, Jon Folk, at Red 11 Music... 


This is my first booking agent in years. My mode for the last 10 years has essentially been staunchly independent and DIY. It's hard to do everything you want to, and do it well this way. As things have slowly grown, I've realized the importance of collaboration in all aspects of the things we do. Music is no different. Each of us have talents, some even have super-powers. Jon and I started talking earlier in the year. He's one of the kindest and smartest people I've met in music. I'm excited to see what his guidance, work and smarts will bring to the story for my work and touring.

And for you, the listeners, what this should mean is that the possibility of me playing near you and in your town has become infinitely more possible. I'm excited. Hope you are too!


New Battle Born Video, Americana Fest, Northern Wires & Lots of Coffee.. 

Tonight we play American Fest in Nashville at The High Watt. We play at 11pm!

I'll have The Northern Wires with me, and I'm really hoping you can join us. That being said, I felt it might be a good day to share this new video for BATTLE BORN. It's a bit of a tour diary, you know... 

6,000 miles, 10 shows and 40 gallons of coffee are documented via this DIY video for Battle Born. The ups, the downs, the late nights, bad food and beauty. All of it. It was all shot on phones and edited with thumbs.  

Hope it offers a grin here and there.  

Thank you to American Aquarium for having us on this tour with them. And thank you to Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas for the amazing scenery, and for being the amazing music lovers that you are.

Thank you, it was a beauty. More to come!


New SHOWS Added with American Aquarium! 


Ladies & Gentlemen, 

Happy to announce SHOWS with American Aquarium in Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas. They've graciously offered longer set times for me. Hope you can make it out! 

A gigantic thank you to American Aquarium for having me! 

Go to the TOUR PAGE for all DETAILS & TICKETS! Or simply click the image below:

On Tour July 2nd to August 5th in The UK & US! 


Afternoon Everyone,

I'll be folkering in the UK and US from July 2nd to August 5th. Much of the time I'll be opening for Jesse Malin but there are some headlining dates and some other beautiful situations. I'd love to see you guys!

Check out the TOUR PAGE or click the image below for all DETAILS and TICKETS:




Matthew Ryan and The Northern Wires at Americana Fest 2017! 


Good Morning Everyone,

Happy to announce I'll be playing with my gang The Northern Wires at Americana Fest  in Nashville this year!

Our show is Friday, September 15th at 11PM at The High Watt!

More details will be announced in the coming weeks. Americana Fest has grown into a beautiful and wide ranging festival of music in Nashville, if you've never been, well clearly this would be a good year to come and check it out. Click on the image below for details and ticketing!


‬"Hustle Up Starlings" reviewed in a super cool comic book format! ‬ 


"His raspy whisper offers his lyrics an authority, as if a scholar is divulging the secrets of the world to you" - Wanna Be The Comic 


Hands down one of the coolest reviews I've ever received. ‬"Hustle Up Starlings" reviewed in a comic book format! ‬Plus, I'm pretty sure I favor Wolverine in the panel below (minus all the muscles)... So I'm officially The Wolverine of Folkering. Hahahaha. A dream come true! 


So cool. Giant thank YOU to Chris Prunckle of


To experience the full review go HERE or click the preview image below:‬