It's that time of year again! We'd love for you to have this grinning "Holiday Jam" as a gift!! 

It's become a tradition that we share this joyfully ramshackle, relentlessly repetitive, grinning and hot-toddied, home recorded, self-penned Holiday Jam with you! Hard to believe it's already December 1st, what a year it's been! The song is called called It's Christmas Time, it was written and recorded late one eve near Christmas a few years ago as a bit of a goof. But the song kept creeping in my head so I had Hans DeKline clean it up with his mastering skills as best he could... And well, the rest is history!

As always it available as a "Gift" to you! There is a "Pay What You Want" prompt, but it's genuinely intended as a gift. 

If you'd prefer to reciprocate a "gift" for It's Christmas Time you can purchase it via "PAY WHAT YOU WANT" on our BANDCAMP PAGE by clicking the image below! Plus Bandcamp allows you to share your email with us so we can keep it touch! We promise to never share your email or flood your inbox! We only write when there's important news and information or something we believe you'd be interested in.

To keep it simple and get it for FREE with absolutely no strings attached you can simply press "DOWNLOAD" on the direct stream at the bottom of this message!

Happy Holidays Everyone. Thank you for another beautiful year. And we wish the same for You and Yours!