Things only look quiet... 

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a short note to finally say Happy New Year to you all. I hope January is easing you guys into the plots and beauty ahead. Things have been very busy over here, though they may appear quiet via the socials. That's just not the case. I'm currently working on a handful of things that will be announced when the timing is right. Rest assured songs are being written, and the "architecture" of the next album is well into that strange process. It's almost a waltz, there's a certain grace that's required. Every record feels a bit like Moby Dick, but the one that's emerging, particularly so. Some great songs have been written. And some that just aren't quite there. Others that are just awful. It's funny and hard sometimes to know the difference. Only time tends to sort those things out. It's taking a strength, persistence and patience that I haven't known in some time. I've decided when it comes to albums, my albums, I wish to offer you only the very best of what I'm capable of. That may seem obvious, or even a bit odd, but you might be surprised by the forces that influence what eventually reaches you. From inside, and out. I'm insisting on only the purest skeletons, skin, playing, cinema, observation, interior and "poetics" possible. Boxers has recharged, reignited something in me. It's drawn a lot of lines that I believe needed to be drawn. I'm so grateful to all involved with Boxers. It continues to be discovered, we'll keep doing what we can on its behalf. 

I didn't intend to write so cryptically. But the intersections in this process bring a certain reflection. As does life. Things are beautiful and changing up here in Western Pennsylvania. Winter has settled in. Last night I took a drive and it was so cold it was as if the snow had turned to glitter. The headlights were straight ahead and surveying all that "quiet." It was beautiful. There's a lot ahead.

Stay tuned!

M. Ryan

Last show of the year at The Living Room in Brooklyn, NY this FRIDAY (DEC. 18th)! 

This Friday (DECEMBER 18th) I'll be playing a special solo set at The Living Room in Brooklyn, NY! Sadly, The Living Room will be closing it's doors forever at the end of this year. When I heard, I had to play there one more time. Jennifer and Steve (who own The Living Room) have been wonderful advocates for so much music for almost 30 years. It's sad to see this happening, I hope we can make this Friday as beautiful a night as possible. I have a few friends that will be joining us (Jared Hart of The Scandals is already confirmed and more will be), and Jennifer is also filling out the night with some of her favorites from over the years. Tickets are just $10! Music should start around 7:30. I go on at 9PM! For tickets go HERE or click the picture below.


The solo/demo version of The Queen of My Arms is now available on Bandcamp! 

I'm happy to announce the solo/demo version of The Queen of My Arms with all its desolate cinema, reverb and harmonica is now available on Bandcamp!

CLICK HERE to listen and purchase the solo/demo version of The Queen of My Arms

It's sounds more like what many of you that came out to shows heard! More shows are coming but don't forget I'll be doing some special shows with the great Brian Fallon and Jared Hart over in Jersey in early December: Check it out: THE TOUR PAGE!

*Photo by Don Dilego

New Dates Announced with Jesse Malin, Brian Fallon and Jared Hart... More to come! 

Afternoon Everyone!

Just a short note to let you know the last part of 2015 is shaping up to be quite busy! A bunch of solo shows have been announced. I'll be out most of October with the great Jesse Malin. In December, I'll be doing some special solo shows with Brian Fallon (of Gaslight Anthem... he's working on his first solo record! It's gonna be great). The shows with Brian also feature Jared Hart of The Scandals

To clarify things (even though this should be obvious): Shows with The Northern Wires "in-tow" will be announced as Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires. Solo shows will be posted as Matthew Ryan. Boxers continues to grow and we're excited about all that's developing. Stay tuned!

We just added a new solo show in Montreal with Jesse Malin, so keep an eye on that TOUR DATES PAGE! 

Photo by Geoffrey Tischman

Thank you! 

Thank you guys! The May Tour was beautiful. We'll be heading back out soon to see you guys again. Stay tuned, more to be announced! In the meantime, click the picture below (which was taken by Susan Weber) to see some live footage at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC.