Verbicide Premiers "It's A Delicate Waltz" 

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to invite you to the 2nd Premier of the day:  

"It's a Delicate Waltz" 

Thank you to VERBICIDE for having us!

As of sharing this every song from Hustle Up Starlings has now been premiered and shared via the hard work of the gang hunkered down on Starlings' behalf and the generous outlets that were compelled to participate. I don't know what happens from here but I must say, I'm simply grateful.  

It's fitting now that this is the song that this beautiful part of our efforts "concludes" with:  

"Under a glittering sky,  

I swear I meant no harm,  

I wish I could lean back in time,  

To my lover's arms..."

-- It's A Delicate Waltz 

Listen, Read and Share (if you're inclined). Click the "LYRIC ART" designed by Joe Maiocco below or click right HERE!‪ 

Run Rabbit Run PREMIERS via Pure Volume  

Hello Everyone,

I love all the songs on Hustle Up Starlings, but this is quite dear to me. It's Premiering TODAY on Pure Volume

It's called "Run Rabbit Run." 

This song is #NSFW. So use headphones or wait until you have some ears around that don't mind some language.

Go HERE or click the preview Image below to hear and read about "Run Rabbit Run." And a always, please share it if you feel inclined.


The Boot Premiers The Acoustic Guitar & Cello Driven "All I Wanted"  

Today, THE BOOT is premiering the acoustic guitar and cello driven "ALL I WANTED" off of Hustle Up Starlings... 

Click the PREVIEW IMAGE below to hear the song and read The Boot's full thoughts on "All I Wanted".

"A dose of brutal reality" 
- The Boot 

Here are some of the lyrics... 

"...Don't put your heart 
In the hands of imbeciles 
You could end up worse 
Than dead or killed 

Yeah it's bittersweet 
The smiles we knew 
Now we’re both creeping around 
Like Nosferatu 

All I wanted 
Was one more chance 
Before closing time..." 

-- All I Wanted (Track 9 off Hustle Up Starlings) 

Here the link to the premier again: 

Hope you enjoy. As always, if you love it please share it!

New Noise Magazine Premiers "Summer Never Ends" 

"Hustle Up Starlings deftly fuses gritty Replacements-style rock and post-punk with moody Americana, all tied together by Ryan’s gravelly whisper vocals"
- New Noise Magazine

Read the story and listen to "Summer Never Ends" right HERE (or click the image below):


No Depression Premieres BATTLE BORN w/ a short interview regarding inspiration for the song! 

"May 12th will see Matthew Ryan release his latest full-length, Hustle Up Starlings, a heart-on-the-sleeve collection of anthems that illustrate his reinvigorated love of language, noise, and cinema. Produced by Brian Fallon from The Gaslight Anthem, the 10-song set that captivates with cohesive narratives of intimate storytelling that make the personal universal"

  -- Tara Joan of No Depression 

Read the full article and listen to Battle Born HERE or click the preview image below: