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New Dates Added... More to come! 

Be sure to visit the Tour Page, got some shows coming up and more to be announced! First round are in New Jersey, NYC and DC. Would love to see you guys!

Online POSTER designed by Joe Maiocco. Illustration by Straw Caste... And here's a little what it's like a show with your truly via a beautiful show in Italy a while back...


Skylight off of Regret Over The Wires 

Throwback Thursday to this song off of Regret Over The Wires. Inspired by the poem of the same title by Seamus Heaney. The song is called Skylight. The album was produced by Doug Lancio, Mark Robertson and myself. It was recorded by Jordan Richter and mixed by David Bianco. I believe that's JJ Johnson playing drums on Skylight along with a drum machine. Mark is playing bass. Doug and Teal on guitars. I handled the synths and various weird sounds, and "sang" obviously. Skylight probably should have opened Regret Over The Wires, it was the main theme. Hope is a violent thing, hope is not some hallmark card of a sublime rainbows. It's the work and war of having every indication that things aren't as they should be, but insisting more and better is possible. Regret Over The Wires like much of my work, starts via the intimacies between (and of) men and women and then leans outward to the themes and impulses that dog our bigger stories, our collective stories. You know what they are, they're in the paper everyday. They're in our feeds and heads, and those strange distances we feel we each other in various situations. The themes and plots we navigate are not new, only the tools have changed. Yes, things, some things, have gotten better. But if you look out upon the landscape and you're troubled by what you see, you have to acknowledge that there's one constant. And that constant is us. We have the strength and guts to lean for the better. There are glowing examples of our victories over darkness and defeat. And yet still there's that nagging impulse. That's what my song Skylight is about. I hope you'll give it a listen. And as always, thank you to ALL that helped me bring and offer such a song to the world. Art is always a collective effort. As is nearly every single thing we do. 

"My head is strong 
My heart is open 
I don't wanna fight 
I don't wanna kill 
But I'm desperate tonight 
If I'm pushed I will 
With hope comes the rent" 

- that's by yours truly 

Here's the great Seamus Heaney poem that pulled this out of me. I'm grateful for that, but suggest no greatness as profound as what Seamus offered:


Happy St. Patrick's Day and Until Kingdom Come... 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone! Here's a video I recorded yesterday in my Writing Room for you guys.  

Here's why I did it: 

"Always feel a little goofy "filming" myself singing one of my songs. But as always the hope is to offer something good and honest to you guys. Yeah I'm reading the lyrics while doing this and still manage to jank-up some of the words. But even with the shifty eyes and the slight discomfort of "being filmed," Until Kingdom Come gets represented alright here. Last night my friend Joe asked me why I hadn't done a video for Kingdom Come yet. And earlier today another friend ask me if I was gonna take part in CXCW this year. So... Two, maybe three birds with one stone...? Hahaha... Hopefully! So here ya go Joe, Dean, CXCW and to anyone else that stumbles upon this.The reason I chose Until Kingdom Come for this St. Patrick's Day video is that it references a song by Ewan MacColl that I was first introduced to by The Pogues, it felt like a natural choice. Besides, it speaks to that great Irish tradition of smart, humorous and joyful melancholy. Hope you enjoy it. 

Can't sing this song without thinking about my great friend John Anderson. Always on my mind, my man."

The video is below, or you can go HERE to view in on Youtube!

Alright. Be safe and have fun out there. More soon!
Matthew Ryan



Brick, NJ


Matthew Ryan / Jess Klein / Mike June at The Tin Angel

The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA

Jess Klein and Mike June were kind enough to add me to their show for at The Tin Angel since I was in the area. My name may or may not be on the ticket link when you purchase an advanced ticket since I was a late addition, but rest assured I'll be playing!

I'll be going on FIRST DOORS are at 7PM! I'll go on shortly after

TICKETS are $12

Show order of the night is: Matthew Ryan Mike June Jess Klein

Matthew Ryan, Bob Delevante, and The Coal Men at The Family Wash

The Family Wash, 626 Main Street , Nashville, TN

Tickets: $10 (at the door)

Date: Saturday, July 23rd 2016

Set Times:

Bob Delevante at 9pm Matthew Ryan at 10pm The Coal Men at 11pm